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***Shoaling Restrictions***

August 27th, 2019

Recent soundings show increased shoaling on the centerline and south half of the Lake Worth Inlet Entrance Channel. The offshore settling basins are full of sand and further shoaling is expected. Emergency dredging is recommended.

Inbound vessels are restricted to 28'06 feet at high water and 25'06 ft at low water slack. Oil products are restricted to 28' ft at high water and 25' ft at low water.

All drafts are for saltwater. Vessels over 600' ft LOA, 90' ft beam and 30' ft draft are restricted to daylight entry. Vessels over 28' ft. draft shall avoid the flood tide. One-way traffic is required for all vessels over 300' feet. Vessels over 550' LOA and 90' beam may have further draft restrictions.

All agents with vessels over 550' ft LOA, 85' ft beam, and 25' ft draft should keep in close contact with the Pilots concerning further restrictions.

Please contact the Palm Beach Pilots' Association at 561-845-2628 if you have any further questions.

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